Is the Customer Always Right?

marketing Mar 05, 2019

Let me ask you a question, Is the customer always right? 

  •  If the customer is wrong. Is she your customer?
  • If the customer is a jerk, do you want him to be your customer?
  • If the customer is costing you money, is she worth it?
  • If the customer demanding too much of your time, is he the...
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Marketing in Simple English

marketing Feb 06, 2019
Let me explain marketing in plain simple language.
If you own a fried chicken restaurant in a small town and you place a sign in the town square saying “Best Fried Chicken” that’s advertising.
If you pay someone to dress like a chicken and wave a sign on the...
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Prospects vs. Customers

marketing Sep 06, 2018

Prospects vs. Customers

Most businesses pay too much money to attract new prospects, but very little money to retain their customers.

They value prospects, but not customers. Marketers love the idea of chasing prospects, but not retaining customers. As a matter of fact, as soon as you become a...

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How to Find Your Niche?

marketing Mar 28, 2018

Finding your niche 
I got a phone call from a business owner who is trying to identify his niche. He hired a consultant, but nothing worked. He asked for my advice.

My answer:
What problem does your product solve? 

Silence. No answer. I repeated the question. No answer. 

If you can not...

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Sell Me Your Products?

marketing Mar 28, 2018
Marketing is the act of telling stories about your products. 
Selling is a part of your marketing strategy, but it can not be the only part. 
To be a successful marketer and salesperson, you have to get personal.
When you start your selling process, you have two...
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