Is Intuition More Important Than Empathy?

advice mindset Feb 25, 2019
Intuition and empathy 
Some experts argue that both traits are required to build a strong marriage. I’m not sure I place intuition on the same playing field with empathy. 
Let’s dissect my statement. 
I walk into my house, I see that our house is messy and my wife on...
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Am I Wrong?

advice clarity mindset Jan 18, 2019


A few years ago, BMW released a limited edition car (M3), only available for few customers, but there was a caveat, in order to own a car you had to sign an agreement that states that it is the owner's responsibility to care properly for the car. BMW warranty will not cover any damage...

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The Best Advice in The World

advice leadership mindset Dec 10, 2018

Most people ask for general advice, “What should I do?”

I do not tell them what to do, I say “What do you think you should do?”

It is hard for me to tell them what to do because they have not told me enough information.

I let them make their own decisions, and I dig a...

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