What If Mentality Will Change Your Life

mindset Oct 17, 2020

An overweight exterminator wanted to enlist in the Navy SEALs, recruiters laughed him off the phone. He was an unhappy man who had a daily routine consisting of two hamburgers, a large milkshake, a box of donuts, and hours of watching TV.

If he wanted to enlist in the Navy SEALs, he had to lose 106 pounds in a few weeks. Recruiters refused to waste their time with him, but they did not know that on the other side of the phone was a man who is determined to change his life. 

To lose weight, he developed a tool called the accountability mirror. He would look at himself in the mirror every day and have a conversation with himself about his worst fears and biggest dreams. He adopted a new mentality called “What if?”

His name is David Goggins. The man who refused to choose the path of least resistance. Recruiters told him he should not try to join the Navy SEALs, he told himself, What if I could lose weight? What if I could be the 36th African American Navy Seal? What if I could defy all the odds?

 His “What if mentality” helped him become the toughest man in the world and the 36th African American Navy SEAL. 


What if?

What if you were not afraid?

What if you unleash your potential?

What if you give 100% every day? 

What if you stop caring what other people think about you?


What if you pay attention to the tension in your life? 

What if you answer these questions and follow your dreams?

What if you join our Inner Circle?

What if?

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