What happened when a fashion company stopped focusing on social media marketing?

marketing Sep 15, 2020

What happened when a fashion company stopped focusing on social media marketing? They increased their sales by 40%

Frances Valentine is an apparel brand co-founded by the late Kate Spade, Andy Spade, and Elyce Arons. 

Arons, the acting CEO, was thinking about an innovative way to market their brand. Every fashion company was focused on social media, so she decided to go against the grain and use print catalogs to reach more customers. 

The popular belief is that print catalogs are dead, but Elyce Arons proved that they are still effective marketing tools to drive people to buy products. She hired great photographers, used colorful products, priced her products fairly, and printed her catalogs on glossy paper that made it hard for customers not to browse. 

To be clear the company did not abandon social media marketing but found a way to merge online and offline marketing and increase their sales by 40%. They are exploring the possibility of opening more brick-and-mortar locations to serve more customers and create an in-person experience that compliments their online presence. 

They are anticipating how people are going to shop in the future, so next time someone tells you that brick and mortar businesses are dead, tell them "hold my Frances Valentine print catalog? Brick and mortar businesses will adapt, pivot, and evolve. They will become brick and click stores, and they will find a way to survive. 


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