What Does Your Brand Stands For?

clarity Jan 19, 2021

The reason I do not separate life and business is this: 

Business is a human enterprise. When you strip business to its core, it is always about people helping people.

To build a better business, be so valuable that others can not ignore you.

Think about your vowels (A, E, I, O, and U)

  1. Activities: What activities can you do to help others?
  2. Experiences: What experiences can you create?
  3. Interest: How do you make your business enjoyable?
  4. Objects: What are you selling?
  5. User: Who will be using your products? services?

To be interesting, you need to have some uniqueness. People want to talk about unique things. Have a clear message, and take a stand.

 What does your brand stand for?

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