What Can The Most Addictive Cookie Teach Us About Marketing?

marketing Sep 10, 2020

A rivalry between two brothers led to this domination

In 1890, a rivalry between two brothers resulted in creating one of the most addictive cookies in history. Jacob and Joseph Loose, who ran two competing bakeries in Kansas City, Missouri. Jacob invented the Hydrox cookie, it was a chocolate cookie with vanilla creme filling. Joseph copied his brother and created Oreo, but he struggled to build a successful company.

The Hydrox was one of the best cookies in the country, customers loved it. It was branded as “the original and the best cookie in the world” Oreo was known as a “cheap, and generic cookie.” For years, Hydrox dominated the market, initially, their name was the reason for its success, Hydrox sounded clean and scientific. Hydrogen, oxygen, and the finest ingredients are mixed together to create this amazing cookie in a clean kitchen using the latest scientific techniques. Until 1950 when the brand Hydrox began to sound like many cleaning supplies. Hydrox could not rebrand themselves fast enough, and the management made few mistakes.

Oreo management used this opportunity to relaunch their company and made two big strategic choices that made Oreo the most popular cookie in the world. The first was increasing their prices so it seemed like a more premium cookie, and the second was to license it for use in other products such as ice cream.

Oreo managed to win the cookie war by making smart strategic choices, and not by making a better product. Their strategies were genius. The product that you have now is great, start marketing it. Start using smart strategies to reach your customers.

What can you do to distinguish your products? How can you position your products better without saying better?

Do not be afraid to raise your prices and do not be afraid to partner with other companies to build something amazing.

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