25 Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself

personal development Aug 12, 2020
Do you ever forget to take care of yourself?
If you do not take care of yourself, no one else will. It is important to build habits that allow you to take care of yourself without exerting extra effort. Our life is a continuous cycle of work, kid’s sports, sleep, and more work. If we do not slow down and take care of our own needs, we would not have the energy to continue producing at a high level.
In order to make sure that I take care of myself I established this checklist, and I'm sharing this list with you.
1. Create a vision for your life: It allows you to have a sense of direction, and create clarity around your goals.  You can live happier by having a clear sense of purpose.
2. Establish your values: Understand what motivates you: freedom, security, money, authority. etc. Write your values down and make sure that you do not violate your values.
3. Manage your time: It is critical that you develop effective time management skills that enable you to balance life conflicting demands.
4. Set Smart Goals: Create specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely goals.
5. Declutter your space and your life: Clutter leads to stress. Get rid of anything that you have not used in 18 months, do not let physical objects occupy an emotional space in your life. let it go. To get yourself started, start by recycling three items from your wardrobe today.
6. Read a book or a magazine: Contrary to popular belief reading is fun and beneficial. It keeps your memory sharp and helps you to stay creative. Always be reading something.
7. Keep a journal: Reflect on what you read and on what you do daily. It helps you detox my mind. Start today by writing down your worries, fears, and hopes, or anything that is bothering you.
8. Listen to uplifting music: Sit, relax, and listen to great music. Do not multitask, just listen. Enjoy any music that brings a smile to your face, music enhances your mood. It won’t hurt if you decide to dance as well.
9. Do nothing: I mean nothing. Schedule time for yourself, and write nothing on your calendar. Start by sitting still in the park, and be quiet for a few minutes.
10. Meditate: It has been proven that meditation has many benefits, it calms your mind, helps with anxiety and depression, and improve your ability to overcome chronic pain. Sit and focus on the breath for at least 5-10 minutes. Do a mental body scan to check in each part of your body.
11. Exercise daily: Get off the couch and workout, go outside, and walk more often. Exercise has many benefits, it clears your mind, and strengthen your heart and body.  It also decreases symptoms of depression. Even walking around your neighborhood helps to prolong your life.
12. Fuel your body: Do not leave the house without eating breakfast. You will not drive the car without fuel, so do not do that to your body.
13. Sleep at least 6-8 hours: This is not new wisdom, but this is the most avoided advice. Most people brag about their inability to stay awake for a long time, and I brag about my ability to sleep every night. Sleep helps stay healthy, focused, productive, and happy. Lack of sleep leads to heart disease and diabetes.
14. Have a hobby: If you do not have a hobby, it is really hard to enjoy your life. Life cannot be all about work and measurable progress. Have a hobby and practice it for fun only. It does not matter if it is dancing, watching tv, gardening, painting, reading, just choose a hobby, and dedicate some time to it.
15. Visit friends: Human beings are social beings, we like to be around people. We cannot survive without having a sense of belonging. Join a support group, professional organizations, an online community. All these will help you develop new friendships and maintain old ones.  Connecting with good friends increase your happiness improves your health, and prolongs your life.
16. Forgive yourself and others: Forgive yourself for all the mistakes that you made in your life, and forgive others. Let it go.
17. Scare yourself every day: Your comfort zone limits your growth, does something that scares you every day. If you do not stretch yourself, and you will never grow. I never heard a story worth listening to that start by saying this "I was sitting on my couch". Get out and live your life.
18. Laugh: Laughter is the best medicine. It benefits your mental and physical health. Watch a funny TV show, anything that makes you laugh. laughing is good for your soul, so do it more often.
19. Stop expecting life to be fair: Bad things happen to good people. Not everyone you meet will be nice to you, not every job that you apply for will hire you, do not expect people to be fair, deal with it.
20. Stop living your life for others: It is your life, lives it as you please. You do not need anyone's approval to be great, go make great things happen.
21. Travel: Travel is a great opportunity to learn from others, travel more often. It does not have to be expensive, stay at a local resort, and enjoy your weekend at least twice per year.
22. Invest in self-knowledge: Always be learning something.
23. Pay it forward: Helping others is good for the soul, helping others positively affect your self-confidence, help more people.
24. Unplug: We are glued to our smart devices; my fear is that smart devices making us not so smart. Take a break from electronic devices.
25. Eat chocolate: yes, eat more chocolate.

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