Seek Growth

growth Feb 08, 2021

20 years ago, I used to deliver pizza, that was an easy job. I did not make any decisions. I showed up at work, clocked in, looked at the tickets, read the address, and delivered the pizza.

Things have changed since then. I can no longer show up to work, clock in, and do the work. I have to create the work, and that is a skill that is hard to master.

Creating work means attracting prospects, connecting with them, converting them to paying customers, delivering outstanding service, and asking for referrals. These five steps require me to stay focused and present every day.

That is why I follow a 60-Day Growth Plan. I use 60 days to create clarity, stay focused, and deliver work worth sharing with others.

Stop setting long terms plans unless you mastered the art of getting things done in 60 days or less. Most people fail not for lack of ideas. They fail for lack of implementation.

Seek growth, seek accountability, and seek a good community.

Do The Work

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