Prospects vs. Customers

marketing Sep 06, 2018

Prospects vs. Customers

Most businesses pay too much money to attract new prospects but very little money to retain their customers.

They value prospects but not customers. Marketers love the idea of chasing prospects but not retaining customers. As a matter of fact, as soon as you become a customer, the marketing department forgets about you. Most of your concerns will be addressed by the service team.

  • What if we flip the script? What if companies invested more money in retaining customers?
  • What if we treated our customers so well that they feel compelled to tell their friends?
  • Word of mouth creates an attractive message that few people can resist.

We all want to watch that movie that everyone is talking about. We all want to eat at that restaurant that is rated number one on Yelp. We all want to attend the 10X conference. People can not stop talking about it. We all want to hire the new insurance agent in town that customers cannot stop raving about her service.

At this point, I made my point.

What are you going to do?