Our Biggest Challenge

mindset Oct 27, 2020

COVID-19 is offering business leaders a challenge. How can we keep our customers and employees safe? 

Most organizations are failing to do either one of them. However, some organizations are protecting their employees more than their customers, and they will suffer in the long run. They want to protect their employees by offering and caring less about their customers. They are using the pandemic as an excuse to provide horrible and limited customer service. They offer less and charge more. Their biggest future problem will be attracting and keeping their customers. How can they convince customers that they care about them? 

Other organizations are protecting their customers more than their employees. They are placing their employees in an unsafe environment to serve their customers. They are paying their employees less, and they pretend to pass the saving to their customers. Their biggest problem in the future will be recruiting. How can they recruit good team members? 

We got to find a balance. We are smart enough to find a way to protect our workforce and our employees at the same time. Leave the politics out of this, and let creative business owners be creative. Entrepreneurs will always find a way out of every crisis. We can not overregulate our way out of this crisis, but we can innovate our way. 

The notion that we can not do both at this same time is insulating. American entrepreneurs have innovated their way out of every crisis for the last 244 years.

Let them be innovative, and let's stop restricting their ability to overcome obstacles. 

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