What If Normal Does Not Exist Anymore?

covid-19 new normal Feb 15, 2021

How Long Does it Take To Form a Habit?

Most people say it takes 21 days to form a habit, but the truth is no one knows how long it takes anyone to create a habit exactly. 

Some people say 66 days, and some say it varies from one person to another. No one agrees on the exact number, but everyone agrees it takes less than 365. 

The pandemic almost started 365 ago, which means many new habits have been formed in the last year. The way you work, read, shop, study, and network has changed. 

All of Our Habits Have Changed 

Your neighbors, friends, coworkers, and team habits have changed too. These newly formed habits mean one thing, what we view as normal has shifted. I have an issue with the above statement becuase many people are still waiting for COVID-19 to be over so that things can go back to normal? 

  • What if normal does not exist anymore? 
  • What if the pandemic shifted our behavior forever?
  • What if the pandemic was an accelerator and not a disruptor?

The small grocery store's owner by my house wishes what I'm telling you is not valid. The same owner can argue, deny, and disagree with me, but it does not mean that change is not happening worldwide. 

What Are You Saying?

I'm not saying that some people won't need to meet face to face, shake hands, and hug each other sooner than later. I'm saying that most people like this new change, and they won't be going back anywhere.  

  • Are you still waiting, or are you acting?
  • Have you reflected on your newly formed habits?
  • Have you acknowledged how much people changed around you?

Do The Work 

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