Five Powerful Lessons My Mentor Taught Me

mentor Jul 30, 2019

Over twenty years ago, I walked into a used car dealership to buy my first car. It was an old red brick building that is located on a busy street. As soon as I walked into the building, there was a man in his forties sitting in an old wooden chair with two missing back slats, behind an old-fashioned desk that had one drawer. The drawer was filled with different items, family pictures, car pictures, paperwork, and pens.

The man stood up and asked, “What brought you in today?” I told him that I wanted to buy a car. He kept asking me questions until he was able to close the deal. I came into the building walking and I left with a 1993 White Ford Escort that was good enough for my daily commute. I did not have $2100 to pay for the car, so I gave him a down payment, and we agreed that I would come every week and pay $50.


For the coming 32 weeks, I went, and I paid $50. Every time I showed up, he asked me about my school, my life, and my family. When he learned that my family was living in a different country, he asked me to come back the next day to meet his son. His son and I became best friends and the rest is a story filled with love, wisdom, respect, and life lessons.
Yesterday, the owner of the car dealership passed away. His name was Radi, and to honor his legacy, I’m sharing five powerful lessons that I learned from him. His son and I are still best friends, and we will stay connected for the rest of our lives.

Here are the five powerful lessons:

Family Comes First
No exception. Your wife comes first. Don’t ignore her needs to take care of your kids. Kids come after her. Being a dad is not for the weak, it takes a lot of hard work & a lot of time to raise good children. If you don’t want to commit the time, don’t have children.

Help People
Help other people without expecting anything in return. If you see someone unable to pay for their groceries, pay for it. If you hear about a mother who can’t pay for her kid's Christmas, do it. If you know someone who needs his car fixed, just do it.

Money is Not Evil
Earn as much money as you can, if you don’t like it, give it away to your family & other people that you care about. Money is not evil if you do not place it before people. Don’t fall in love with money, fall in love with people.

Master Your Craft
He is arguably built one of the most successful used car dealerships in Fort Worth. Start with an image of a happy customer & work your way backward. Customers want you to solve their problems & they want to feel important.

Best Business in Town
Market your business as the best business in town & go to work to prove yourself right.