Metrics Gone Wrong

leadership marketing Sep 14, 2020

Metrics Gone Wrong

Measure the wrong things and get to the wrong results

People measure the things that are easy to measure, and not the things that make the most difference. It is tempting to measure data that is easy to capture.

Before you measure anything, ask, “Is it important to measure this?” 

If you are a brain surgeon, you can not measure surgery speed that would lead to more mistakes.

If you are a journalist, you can not measure clicks that would lead to sensationalist articles with no substance.

If you are a human resource employee, you can not measure the number of interviews you conduct that would lead to quick interviews but no talented employees.

Measurement and incentives are correlated. What are you rewarding?

If I reward my son on how many pieces of toys he picks off the floor, I’m actually incentivizing him to get his room as messy as possible. I should be rewarding him on how many days he can keep his room organized.

I did not change the incentive, I only changed what I’m rewarding him for and the results were amazing. 

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