Is the Customer Always Right?

marketing Mar 05, 2019

Let me ask you a question, Is the customer always right? 

  •  If the customer is wrong, is she your customer?
  • If the customer is a jerk, do you want him to be your customer?
  • If the customer costs you money, is she worth it?
  • If the customer demanding too much of your time, is he the right one?

Fire your wrong customers. You do not need them.

  • Firing your bad customers send two messages:
  • Staff: This company cares about us.

Customers: This company has the right solution, and they won't tolerate me being a jerk.

Your staff will be happier, your retention rate will increase, and their production will go up.

Treat your staff right, and your company will prosper. Period.

If you doubt my assessment, feel free to read about Costco, Zappos, etc.

 Are you willing to fire your bad customers?

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