How To Be Successful

clarity mindset Feb 18, 2019
If you want to be successful, do what you have to do even when you do not want to do it.
These small things that you do every day add up to create your future. Everything matters. Waking up on time matters. Reading 5 pages a day matter. Eating a healthy snack matter.
Nothing matters to your success more than these small actions that you do every day. 20 years ago, I used to be a server at IHOP, and an old man used to come in every day to eat his breakfast. He was 94 years old. Mr. Zimmerman had a contagious smile, positive attitude, and a high energy level.
I got to know him very well, and I started to ask him one question every day to learn about life. I once asked him what is the secret to a happy marriage?
He said: do not worry about the big things, worry about the small things. It is easy for a husband to be nice on his wife's birthday. It is more valuable and harder to show appreciation every day.
It is easy for a dad to show up to his kid's high school graduations. It is more valuable to help them do their homework every day. You can make a bigger difference by getting involved in the small stuff and not the big stuff.
When he finished talking, his wife looked at him, and he said: "I love you." She smiled, they ate their meal and left happy.
These little daily actions are easy to do and easy to get ignored. It is up to us to ignore them or not. As a society, we are obsessed with making a difference overnight, so when we do not see results we quit. Helping my son complete his daily homework won’t make him a lawyer overnight. The results are invisible in the beginning, but they are tremendous after 10 years.
Writing a book is an exciting project, sitting down and writing 10 pages per day is a boring and mundane task. Owning a business is a great goal. Doing paperwork, payroll, content creation, marketing is a repetitive process. Seeing the result of your hard work after 10 years is an amazing feeling.
If you want to be successful commit yourself to do boring tasks. It is hard, but it is the only way to succeed.
  • Do not worry about motivation, focus on commitment.
  • Do not worry about the goal, focus on the process. 
  • Think big, but take tiny steps every day.
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