Gifts and The Wrapping Paper

clarity Dec 26, 2019

Every gifted man or woman in the world walked around on this earth, confused, and full of self-doubts.

Do I have what it takes to do this? Why should they listen to me? How can I make this happen?

Yes, Bill Gates had these thoughts, and Henry Ford struggled with self-doubts.

When I hand my youngest son a gift, he gets consumed by playing with the wrapping paper. He does not care about the gift, he plays with the wrapping paper. Are you doing the same in your life? Are you enjoying your gifts or are you consumed worrying about the wrapping paper?

Human gifts come wrapped with challenges, doubts, and fears. Challenges make you look away, doubts make you run away, and fears make you block your way.

The good news is this, you can conquer all of these by getting to work.

  • Action heals self-doubt.
  • Action minimizes all challenges.
  • Action kills fear.

Are you going to share your gifts? or Are you going to get consumed by the wrapping paper?

Do The Work

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 Photo by Matthew T Rader