How To Get More Done


If you feel overwhelmed, step back and examine what you are working on. Get a piece of paper, and spend 10 minutes writing anything that is consuming your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energy. Do not think, just write. 

What are unfinished projects that are occupying your time?

Get More Done 

Now, on another paper, draw four circles.

  1. The first circle is The Ignore Circle.
  2. The second circle is The Yes Circle.
  3. The third circle is The Commit Circle.
  4. The fourth circle is The Focus Circle

Where are your unfinished projects belong?

Any project that falls into The Ignore Circle, stop paying attention to it. You really should delete these projects from your short-term memory, do not spend any energy or time thinking about them.

The Yes Circle is a group of projects that don't immediately impact your business or life. However, they are essential to your long-term growth. These projects should keep making their way into the inner circles until they get done. If they do not get done within 24 months, they move out to the ignore circle. 

Once you move closer to the center, you will have to deal with two big decisions. What projects am I committed to complete? What do I need to focus on this week to get more projects done? Once you start working on the two inner circles, stop starting new projects until you finish old ones. 

I know these four circles will help you become more productive. They allow you to spend more time with your family and make more money at work.

Do The Work 

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