Do you care enough to fail or to be rejected?

mindset Jan 04, 2021

If you are trying to succeed, you will be exposed to failure and rejection. Both taste horrible, but the after taste is a lesson to learn from. How you view failure or rejection tells us everything we need to know about your grit.  

If you want to innovate,  you have to be willing to fail. A news reporter once asked Thomas Eidson, "How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?" His answer gave us everything we needed to know about his mindset,  "I did not fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps." 

If you want to succeed, you have to be willing to be rejected. Michael Jordan was cut from his varsity high school basketball team because he was not good enough. Jordan had a choice to go home, lock himself in a room, and cry. He did not do that. Rejection motivated him to hone his skills, and he came back better than most of his teammates. 

So, if you want to succeed, stop trying to avoid failure or rejection, and ask yourself, "Do I care enough to fail or to be rejected?"

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