"Do What You Love" is a Horrible Advice

clarity growth Feb 13, 2021

Seth Godin often says, “Do what you love” is for amateurs, “Love what you do” is a mantra for professionals.” 

This mantra goes against the popular advice circulating the world wide web for the last 30 years. Not everyone I know is fortunate enough to do what they love, but everyone can love what they do. 

If you want to do what you love for a living, you should ask yourself, “Am I willing to do this for free?  On the other hand, If you love what you do, you will earn more money and more freedom, so you can do more of what you love. 

Love what you do requires you to do the work, commit your time to practice your craft, so you can be so good that others can not ignore you. At that point, you will be doing what you love. 

Do The Work