3 Steps To Be More Creative, Productive, and Profitable

You do not have to be inspired to be creative. Before you start calling me names, hear me out. 

Your feelings are not a very reliable source of inspiration. So, instead of waiting to be inspired, build a system around your work by understanding your internal biological clock and your tendencies so that you can be creative, productive, and profitable. 

Waiting for inspiration to be motivated to do good work is a tough road to travel. Instead, build a system that allows you to be creative. As you can see from this chart, not all creative minds follow the same creative routine. Each creative person has different habits that allow them to create work worth sharing. 

  • Are you more creative in the morning or evening?
  • Are you working at the optimal time?
  • Are you more creative around people or when working alone?

1. Get Enough Sleep 

I know that having a healthy sleep routine is the best thing you can do for your life. I'm not a big fan of forcing everyone to be an early riser, but I'm a big advocate that everyone should sleep enough hours to be rested. 

Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most productive and creative architects of his time. He had a segmented sleep routine that allowed him to be at his best mental and physical shape. He woke up at 3 or 4 a.m. and worked for several hours before taking a morning nap. 

This simple routine made him creative, productive ad profitable.

Action Step: What is your ideal sleep routine? 

2. Work Hours That Work For You 

As I stated, Frank Wright worked differently than most people around him. He got most of his creative work done in the morning, he went back to sleep, and then he went on to do everything else. Creative people work hours that work for them. Stop restricting yourself with work hours that do not work for you. 

If you are a morning person, stop having a meeting at 6:00 p.m. If you are a night personal, stop forcing yourself to be up at 4:00 a.m. Work hours that work for you. 

A restaurant manager who hates mornings should not work at a breakfast place. Understanding how your body works allow you to do your best work. 

Action Step: what work hours that work for you?

3. Do Not Work Alone 

Austin Kleon says that there is a prevailing myth that creative people need to work alone to achieve excellence. This myth is not only wrong, but it is also dangerous. He replaced this myth with the word Scenius. He defines Scenius as an entire scene of people who are willing to steal each other's ideas and support each other. 

Creative work is not created in a vacuum. It is a result of collaboration and creating a healthy work environment that allows you to be great. 

If you are an insurance agent, collaborate with car dealerships in your area. If you are a real estate agent, collaborate with mortgage brokers in your state.  If you are a restaurant owner, build relationships with office workers around you. 

Action Step: Who do you need to collaborate with?

Getting enough sleep, working hours that work for you, and collaborating with people is a great system that allows you to be creative, productive, and profitable. 

Do The Work 

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