Close Your Open Loops

productivity Aug 07, 2018

Close your open loops

According to Dr. Amit Sood, the average person has about 150 unfinished tasks that he or she thinks about all day long. I have about 3 unfinished tasks that I'm thinking about right now, fixing my leaking faucet, fixing my AC, and fixing my roof. These tasks are called open loops, and the more open loops we have, the less happy we are. So the first thing I tell you today that you need to do is close most of the open loops in your head. The easiest way to do that is brain dump or what I call "drain the pain." Write them down.

You can trick your brain because your brain feels better when you write your tasks down, and this is why a to-do list is the most popular productivity tool out there. It tricks your brain to think that you did something about it.

When you deal with open files, the brain starts stressing and committing more resources to that open-loop, such as a sick child sitting at home.

Close your open loops now.

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