Chasing Money is Not What Makes You Money

clarity productivity Sep 03, 2020

Chasing Money is Not What Makes You Money.

Read that again.

Focus on solving your client’s problems.

Weight loss: help your clients lose weight using your diet and exercise plan. Help them feel better about themselves. Help them fix a health problem. Teach them to eat better.

Car sales: sell them cars that they can afford, safe and reliable. Do they want a safe car or a fast car? Do they want to drop their kids at school or take them on a road trip? Do they care about gas mileage or a quieter engine?

Real estate: sell them houses that focus on their concerns and not yours. Some want a bigger kitchen. Some want a smaller backyard, understand their needs, and not yours.

Barbershops: help them feel better about themselves. Do they want to reconnect with old friends? Talk about the news?

Restaurants: help them connect with their families using your food as a tool. Learn why they want to eat at your facility.

Pool service: help them enjoy their pool without worrying about chlorine level, water pump, or leaves in the skimmer.

Chasing money is not what makes you money. Solving problems does. I help business owners be more profitable and productive, and the irony, we do not talk about money. We talk about problems, solutions, delivery, offers, lead generations, etc.

Money is the result of solving problems if you want to make more money, solve more problems, or solve bigger problems. 

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