Everyone is Better Than You In At Least One Thing

mindset Jan 13, 2021

Some people have fragile egos, and this statement poses a threat to their self-identity. Instead of using this statement as an incentive to connect with others and build something special, they hide.

There was a good restaurant by my house that has excellent food but horrible service. Most employees quit within three weeks of working there. I once asked a server, "Why are you quitting?" He told me, "I cannot work for that man," pointing at the owner who was standing behind the grill. The restaurant closed a few months later. Had the owner knew that his best talent is preparing food and not managing people, the restaurant would have survived.

His ego did not allow him to hire a good manager to manage the staff, so he lost his restaurant. I had the opportunity to consult with this owner a few months later on a different project, and I had him do some assessments that convinced him that working behind the scene is his gift.

He admits that he always knew that, but he was not ready to believe his intuition. So, now I tell my clients, "In your company, everyone is better than you in at least one thing, go find that thing, and improve your company."

Everyone is better than you in at least one thing. Do you know what that thing is?

Do The Work  

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