Find Your True WHY

clarity passion Aug 06, 2019

A single guy who wants to get married because he is tired of washing dishes will not be a good husband. He needs to dig deeper for another reason.

The young teenager who wants to be pregnant because she likes pregnancy clothes will not be a good mother. She needs to learn about motherhood.

The teacher who wants to teach, because he wants 3 months of summer vacation, will not be a good teacher. He needs to wake up and babysit 15 kids for a day. 

The man who wants to be a police officer to write tickets will not be serving anybody. He needs to be in jail, and please do not visit him.

The abused woman who wants to be a flight attendant because she hates living with her husband will not last long. She needs counseling and assistance beyond my expertise. 

The crazy guy who wants to be a health inspector because he likes food will be corrupt. He needs to call me, and I will tell him the truth.

The tall kid who wants to become a dancer because she has long legs will not be a good dancer. She needs to do what she loves and not listening to her art teacher.

The swimmer who wants to swim across the ocean because he likes dolphins will not survive. He needs to learn about sharks and watch the discovery channel.

The lady that hates math who wants to be an engineer because her father wanted her to be an engineer will not be creative. She needs to follow her passion and not her dad.

The pervert who aspires to be a fashion designer to interact with good-looking models will be sued. He needs to find a better reason and maybe a good lawyer.

The woman who aspires to go to work to collect a paycheck will not be adding value to people's life. She needs to do what she enjoys and read this blog more often.

The moral of the story, find your true WHY

  • What do you love to do?
  • What brings joy to your heart?
  • What inspires you to get out of bed? 
  • What are you good at?
  • What does the world need from you?
  • What can you get paid for? 

After you answer these questions, ask why five times. Go beneath the surface. Keep asking why. Dig deeper. The more you learn about yourself, the clearer the picture will get. 

Choose to do something that you love, you have the energy to do every day, and you have a sense of urgency to get out of bed to do it. 

If you want to feed the homeless, but you have no sense of urgency about doing it, do not do it. If you want to be a teacher, but you have no patience, do not do it. If you want to be an UBER driver, but you do not like sitting in a car for longer than 30 minutes, do not do it. 

Dig deep and ask yourself, why do I want to do this? why? why? why? why? 

The first answer is the easy answer. Ignore it. Keep searching deep until you find something that you love, you have the energy to do it, and you have a sense of urgency to do it today. 

Do something that you are committed to doing, and you have the discipline to do it every day. If you choose to be an artist, commit to practicing every day. Be disciplined to do it when you are tired. When you find your WHY, do not hide it. Share it with the world. The world needs you to be at your best, do not hide, show up, and be generous. 

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