You Are Ready Now

marketing Jan 21, 2021

Stop waiting for the right moment.

Waiting for the right moment is a form of fear. Fear that keeps you average but not fulfilled. It teaches you to avoid doing what you need to do. 

A friend of mine had a dream to work for Carmax, but they told him that he was not qualified. He got mad and started his own company. Now his income exceeds 1 million dollars per year. It is time for you to get mad too? It is time for you to declare that you are ready. Do not wait for other people to decide your future. 


You are ready now, but you do not feel like it. We have been living in a society that brainwashed us to believe that the easiest way to succeed is to get chosen. If you want a better job, apply for 100 jobs, and pray, one of them will choose you. If you want to get promoted, work extra hard, and hope your manager has noticed you. 


I know starting something on your own is hard. Seth Godin wrote about this difficulty, “We are naturally afraid of change, but without starting something, you’ll always be stuck and waiting for something or someone to tell you to move.” 

Do not wait to be told. Tell yourself to move. 

Are you ready to move forward?

Do The Work  

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