Business Schools Do not Teach This

mindset Jan 09, 2021

Trust your intuition and use your imagination more often. 

Most business schools want you to believe that there is no such thing as too much information. I know that because I have a business degree, I built two businesses ignoring everything I learned in business school.  

Now, do not tell my alumni, I still appreciate the knowledge I got, but not all the knowledge. Some of it was beneficial. However, information and data alone can not solve every problem we face. Sometimes we need to trust our intuition.  

Trust me. They do not teach that in business schools. 

Most of our problems can be solved if we learn to trust our intuition and learn how to imagine a future that most people can not see.  

Knowledge gives you random dots on a piece of paper. Only imagination can help you connect these dots in a meaningful way. 

 Trust your intuition and use your imagination more often. Start connecting the dots and create something worth sharing with other people.

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