What Are You Going to Do?

mindset Feb 05, 2019

Society and Self-Doubts

Society wants you to believe that you do not have what it takes to be successful, some people want you to believe that your abilities are limited by their self-limiting beliefs.

You have a choice to make: you can believe them, or you can shine through their doubts.

I know about your weaknesses and your self-doubts too. I know about them because I have them. As matter of fact, we all have them. We all have different stories, but our stories are similar because deep down, we all fighting the same monsters: fear and doubts.

Our external struggles might be different, but our internal struggles are very similar. We have doubts. Am I good enough?

Why should they hire me? Why should they listen to me? Am I a good parent? Do I have what it takes to go through this painful moment?

We all have weaknesses and self-doubts, we only differ about how we respond to these self-doubts. We either master them or they master us. The choice is ours.

I decided last year to challenge myself, extend myself, and start creating content and speak publicly more often. The fear did not go away, the doubt did not disappear, but I become the master of my own destiny, and refused to let invisible illusions to control my future.

I want to assure you that I'm your biggest fan, each action taker in this group is your fan. I had the privilege to serve so many people in the last year, and I'm so blessed to be part of your journey.

 We are your fans:

 What are you going to do?


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