Growing By Positioning

clarity marketing Feb 10, 2021

Let's get Starbucks. Starbucks became synonymous with coffee. They did not invent coffee, but they positioned their brand so well that customers started to think about them every time they think coffee. 

This is called positioning. 

Positioning is the space that your brand owns in the mind of your customers. It helps your business grow in a crowded market place. It is not about inventing new products. It is about occupying a permanent position in your customer's mind. 

Brand positioning is a way to differentiate your products from your competition. It helps your customers identify and connect with your products faster. Smart brands choose names that convey their value and position. 

Dollar Shave Club founders are some of the smartest people in the world. The name presents the value proposition, low cost. They positioned themselves as an affordable brand. Their ads feature average-looking people, which is more relatable to their core customers. Tesla, on the other hand, positioned itself as an electric luxury brand. 

Tesla branding makes it possible for Elon Musk to price Tesla's cars higher than his competitors. Their marketing team differentiates their vehicles from standard electric vehicles by their higher quality and more extended range. They also distinguish themselves from other luxury vehicles like Mercedes Benz by designing eco-friendly cars. Their positioning is so reliable that they can compete in two different markets simultaneously—eco-friendly and luxury markets. 

These companies positioning represent the value they offer their customers. They focus on the customer first, and they occupy a strong position in their customer's minds. 

If you want to improve your brand positioning, start by listening to your customers and rename and position your products correctly. For example, I have a new product called 60-Day Growth Plan, the name of the product communicates many things, it is a 60-day program, it helps people grow, and it provides them with a specific plan. The program focus on solving business owners' most significant pain, growth.

Dollar Shave Club, Tesla, and others chose a name that communicates a lot of value. They differentiated themselves by choosing catchy names and positioning themselves to solve their core customers' most significant problems.

How do you market your products? Are you focusing on your products or your customers' pain? 

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