What Do You Do Better Than Most Of Us?

marketing Feb 18, 2020

My childhood friend was a great singer, his voice can make you smile, cry, inspire, or freeze you all in one musical note. We used to sit down and think about what he would do if he gets a platform, an opportunity to showcase his talent. I grew up in the '90s, we did not have YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or any platform that could have helped my friend to share his gift with the world.

 It is 2020, the universe changed, and we all have platforms to share our gifts. You can record a song in your basement, write a book in your living room, and start a business after your kids go to sleep. However, it seems that there is a correlation between the number of platforms we have and the excuses we can come up with. stop hoarding and start sharing.

 In my perspective, you do not have to be on every platform, focus on a few, and start sharing your gifts. Some experts are telling the masses that you have to use video or you do not exist, I understand the value of using videos, but if it does not fit your strategy, do not do it. I see a lot of people go live every day, and they are getting better at it, but getting better at it does not help their business or improve their chances of success. Focus on a few things, do them well, and people will be glad to follow your work.

 What do you do better than most of us?

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