Marketing in Simple English

marketing Feb 06, 2019
Let me explain marketing in plain simple language.
If you own a fried chicken restaurant in a small town and you place a sign in the town square saying “Best Fried Chicken,” that’s advertising.
If you pay someone to dress like a chicken and wave a sign on the sidewalk, that’s a promotion.
If your fried chicken tastes so good that people can’t stop talking about it, that’s a word of mouth marketing.
If the local news reporter hears about your restaurant and writes a story about it, that’s publicity.
If you invite every police officer and firefighter in town to eat at your restaurant, that’s public relations.
If your staff go above and beyond to serve great food and excellent customer service, that’s exceptional service delivery.
If you listen to your customer's concerns and improve your service or product delivery, that is feedback.
If your servers sell additional items on the menu, that’s upselling.
If your chef writes a blog and shares recipes online, that’s content marketing.
If your manager updates the restaurant's Facebook page, that’s social media marketing.
If you collect your customer's emails and email them new offers, that’s email marketing.
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