Define the Finish Line

goal setting productivity Dec 28, 2018

More is not a goal, I worked for a manager before, and it does not matter how many inspections I did. She only cared about doing more. I struggled to define more. It created confusion because it was tough to define.

My suggestion today is to do less and not more. Do fewer things and do them well. The assumption is that you have to keep growing, adding more programs, and serving more customers every year is a wrong assumption. Growth should not be a goal. Excellence should.

Your finish line should stretch your team, challenge them, offer them an opportunity to grow, and provide them with proper incentives to stay motivated. If we live our mission, if we solve our biggest problem, if we recruit the right fit, how do we know that we accomplished our mission?

Answer these questions, and everything will become clearer, and the finish line will become closer.

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