What do you do to help your customers?

marketing Jan 06, 2021

The College campus is a place where professors get paid to pay attention to your ideas. Your classmates pay money to pay attention to you in exchange for good grades. Your professor is a well-paid evaluator that is more interested in making you happy than making you money. 

When you get your first job, things change. You are required to create value. A concept that is rarely discussed inside the classroom. Your boss does not get paid to pay attention to you. He or she wants you to create value so you both can get paid. 

The market place is not your captive audience, and most people do not care about you. They care about what you can do to help them. Once you help them, they start caring about you. 

If you a real estate agent, sell them good homes that meet all of their needs. If you are a marketer, help them find the right customers. If you are a restaurant manager, serve them quality food. 

What do you do to help your customers?

Do The Work 

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