Am I Wrong?

advice clarity mindset Jan 18, 2019


A few years ago, BMW released a limited edition car (M3), only available for few customers, but there was a caveat, in order to own a car you had to sign an agreement that states that it is the owner's responsibility to care properly for the car. BMW warranty will not cover any damage caused by a lack of maintenance or proper care.

Customers paid a lot of money to own the M3 Model and took the responsibility to care for their cars. The reason I mention this, I recently coached a person that expected me to change his life without doing any work. I terminated our agreement and refused to coach him any longer, and he said: “I’m not finished yet, I still need your service.”

I informed him unless he is willing to take the proper care of himself and start doing the work that will impact his life, I won’t coach him anymore. I also explained to him that I’m a result-oriented coach, and If I can not change you, I won’t charge you, so I stopped coaching him.

I asked him to have breakfast with his kids daily, have one weekly date with his wife, work on 3 business goals, and a few other things that I won’t mention on this post. The program that I asked him to do is the same program that helped many people have better relationships, make more money, and increase their influence at work and home. However, I refuse to work with any person who is not willing to work on himself or herself.

Am I wrong?