You Are Ready Now

marketing Jan 21, 2021

Stop waiting for the right moment.

Waiting for the right moment is a form of fear. Fear that keeps you average but not fulfilled. It teaches you to avoid doing what you need to do. 

A friend of mine had a dream to work for Carmax, but they told him that he was not qualified. He got mad and...

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How To Make More Money

mindset profit todo Jan 20, 2021

10 Things To Focus on If You Want To Make More Money 

1- Have clear, specific, written goals for your business and your life. 

2- Focus on the 20 % of activities that account for 80% of your results.  

3- The purpose of your business is to create and serve your...

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What Does Your Brand Stands For?

clarity Jan 19, 2021

The reason I do not separate life and business is this: 

Business is a human enterprise. When you strip business to its core, it is always about people helping people.

To build a better business, be so valuable that others can not ignore you.

Think about your vowels (A, E, I, O, and U)

  1. ...
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Have You Made a Decision?

clarity focus goals Jan 18, 2021

Cide comes from Latin roots, which means cut or kill.  The word decision or decide means “to cut off”; in other words, to “kill” the other options. 

This realization made me think that for me to move forward, I have to kill other options. Killing other options...

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Five Notes From The Round Table

five notes Jan 17, 2021

Here are five things I thought were worth sharing this week: 

  1. My most read blog this week, May Be Next Year.
  2. An article that I enjoyed reading, The Case for Longer, More Thoughtful Meetings. Encourage deep work and less burnout. 
  3. A documentary that I'm watching, McDonald's Vs Burger...
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What Change Are You Seeking?

change Jan 16, 2021

Seth Godin approaches each day with this statement in his mind, "If I don’t feel like an imposter, then I’m not trying hard enough.”

  • How often do you feel like an imposter?
  • How often do you feel uncomfortable?
  • How often do you feel challenged?

These questions inspire me to...

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How To Find Your Niche

marketing Jan 15, 2021

I got a phone call from a business owner who is trying to identify his niche. He called and asked for my advice.

My answer was a question, What problem does your product solve? 

Silence. No answer. I repeated the question. No answer. 

If you can not identify the problem you are trying...

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The Power of Tiny Steps

mindset Jan 14, 2021

Just going through the motion. 

Is that a good approach to life?

If you go through the motion for the rest of your life, what happens?

Sometimes going through the motion serves a great purpose. The issue happens when we get stuck in the motion. If you seek to get things done, you have to...

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Everyone is Better Than You In At Least One Thing

mindset Jan 13, 2021

Some people have fragile egos, and this statement poses a threat to their self-identity. Instead of using this statement as an incentive to connect with others and build something special, they hide.

There was a good restaurant by my house that has excellent food but horrible service. Most...

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Maybe Next Year

marketing mindset Jan 12, 2021

Stop using COVID-19 as an excuse for not doing something worth sharing. The economy might not be better next year, but you have a chance to be better, stop waiting, and start showing up. 

Your competition is getting better. They have no plan to stop improving

Stop waiting and start...

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