90% of Committees are Pointless

clarity mindset Oct 06, 2020

When leaders do not want to make hard decisions, they form committees.

Most committees are boring and pointless. If committees have a mission statement it would be, “We complicate every issue, fight every innovation, and slow down every process.”

I know an organization that formed a committee to form a committee. The City of Chicago formed of a 600-person committee to lure Amazon to Chicago, even though Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder, hates committees.

It is easier to blame a big decision on a committee than taking responsibility for it. Committees are faceless and nameless. When things go wrong, you can’t blame anyone. No one can blame the Chicago mayor for his inability to attract Amazon to his city. He can point his finger at the committee and say, “They did it.”

Committees can be useful, but most decisions can be made faster and cheaper by the person who is closest to the problem.

Do not be afraid to decide and to own your decisions. Will you make some mistakes? Yes, but you will be more productive by deciding quickly.

I’m sure that you worked in an organization that uses committees to make decisions.

My take: 

If you have to form a committee to decide on something trivial, get a coin out of your pocket, and flip the coin. Let the coin decide for you. If you want to read more about the scientific evidence of flipping the coin, read this article

Do you like committees? I love to know your answer.


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