4 Types of Thinking That Sabotage Your Growth 

clarity growth Feb 09, 2021

Everyone I meet and interact with wants to grow. They read and listen to books that help them grow. But Let's admit it, reading alone does not help. You must do the work, practice your craft, and take massive action. 

That's how most people sabotage their growth. They focus on planning more than doing. I hate to inform you, but too much planning has little to do with results. At one point, you have to take action.

Here are four kinds of thinking that slow your progress and sabotage your growth. 

1- Too Much Information 

The internet and social media made most information easily accessible. You can watch three webinars, listen to one book, and read two articles per day, and you will feel that you accomplished a lot. The truth is too much information sabotage your growth and slows your progress. You must take more action. 

Action Step:

Allow yourself to reflect on the information you gain every day and ask yourself, "What did I learn today that I can implement in my life and business?" 

2- Overthinking 

Overthinking is the enemy of action. Overthinking activates the automatic negative thoughts in your head. Instead of thinking of possibilities, you start thinking of limitations. 

Overthinking does not help you move forward, solve problems or make better decisions. It does the opposite. It keeps you stuck in a big circle called overthinking, which leads to complicated situations. 

Action Step: 

Permit yourself to fail. When you find yourself overthinking, practice self-compassion, be kind to yourself. 

3- Setting Too Many Goals 

I met an Uber driver who has 50 business ideas and is simultaneously working on accomplishing all of them. I asked him if you have to work on one big idea, what would it be. He answered, "All my ideas are great. I do not want to work on only one." 

When you work on too many goals, you won't have time to create or do something special. You spend your days thinking that you are making progress, but the truth is, you won't be able to accomplish much. 

Action Step: 

Work on one big goal and three action steps daily. What is your one big idea?


4- Working in Isolation 

Many people work in isolation, and that becomes their most significant obstacle when they want to grow. They intentionally choose not to hang out with anybody because dealing with the wrong people can be draining. 

However, if you want to grow, you have to interact with people who aspire to do and be more. Do not be afraid of being judged or rejected. Reach out to people and connect with them. 

Action Step: 

Reach out to three people, offer to help them succeed. Ask them, "How can I help you win?" 

Everyone I meet wants to grow and succeed, but if you continue to consume too much information, overthink every decision, set too many goals, and isolating yourself, you will find it hard to move forward. 

Do The Work 

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