5 Disruptive Trends That Will Impact Your Business in 2021

2021 trends Jan 11, 2021

If your business evolves slower than the culture around you, irrelevance is inevitable. I'm going to share five disruptive trends that you need to pay close attention to in 2021.

1. The majority of your customers will be happier doing business online. It would be best to view your business as a digital organization with a physical presence and not a physical organization with a digital presence. 

2. Your customers want to feel connected to each other. Focus on engaging with your customers and provide them with tools to connect with each other. 

3. Businesses with polarized political views will lose most of their customers. Contrary to what you see in the media, most people are sick of our dysfunctional political climate. Communicate your values to your customers. 

4. Change management will be part of every business owner's job. Learn how to manage change. Overcommunicate your ideas early and often. Always ask yourself, how can I make my services easier, more accessible, and more relevant to my customers?

5. Businesses with no focus or clarity will lose to businesses that know what they want, who they serve, and why they exist. Everyone on your team should know how to answers these three questions. 

Do The Work  

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