Live and Virtual Intensives 

Imagine what it would be like to get clear on your purpose and business and make a solid plan for pursuing it – all in one full-day powerful coaching session.

Live and Virtual Intensives 

Personal Growth Intensive

Engage One-on-One with a trusted advisor to create your Individual Growth Plan. Our approach is based on science-proven concepts and practical solutions for restructuring your mental, emotional, and physical capacities to help you reach your goals faster. 

Leadership Growth Intensive

Engage One-on-One with a trusted advisor to create your Leadership Growth Plan. Our approach is based on science-proven concepts and practical solutions to help you get faster results, build stronger teams, and create a healthy culture. 

Business Growth Intensive 

Engage One-on-One with a trusted advisor to create your Business Growth Plan. Our approach is based on science-proven concepts and practical solutions to help you build a profitable business, improve your leadership skills, clarity your marketing message, and build a stronger team.



High-Performance Mastery is ideal for anyone who wants to: 

  • Gain more clarity

  • Reduce daily stress 
  • Improve their time management and productivity

  • Discover and transform self-limiting strategies and assumptions

  • Increase their influence at work and home

  • Become more proactive

  • Create measurable goals and a roadmap for their fulfillment 

  • Scaling their business without working 100 hours per week

Intensives are perfect for those who are interested in investing in themselves and their business. 


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What Clients Are Saying?

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"Luay has a way to shift your perspective, refocus on what needs improvement, and hold you accountable to your purpose and goals. "

Orlando De Los Santos
Business Consultant at Cash Flow Partners

"Working with Luay Rahil is very eye opening! He has a special way of explaining what he is teaching and goes above and beyond to answer your questions. He gives you action steps to get you closer to where you want to be!!"

Kellie Hunt
Owner of Socially Played Agency

"Working with Luay has truly enlightened my vision towards life and career development. Fundamentally, Luay is an inspiration. You can truly expect the best results when working with him!"

David Johnston
Student at Liverpool University

"I never thought that working with a high-performance coach could impact my career and life as much as it has, but it’s been 100% worth it. When you speak with Luay Rahil, you will understand his special way of letting you know where you are slacking while also building you up."

Jillena Renee Nelson
CEO of Jillena Renee Insurance

"I am so gracious to the creation of Lead by integrity and Luay. “I am not interested in being your competitor, I am the one on the sidelines cheering you on, I’m your biggest fan”. You can’t help but see his passion behind his work."

Jimmy Warr Mize

"Luay's approach was unique and enhanced my understanding of career and life. It has been easy to incorporate the tools and daily practices into life ongoing. I can highly recommend anyone who wants to have a long term results in taking their career and life to next level to work with Luay."

Sultan Kus
Computer Officer at University Information Services - University of Cambridge

"When it comes to genuine insight, compassion and drive, Luay Rahil is all that and a bag of chips! From my very first conversation with Luay, I was given powerful and impacting guidance that showed me a pathway that I had not seen before but was before me everyday."

Levi Fox
Author and Speaker

"On various occasions, I have listened to Luay Rahil’s presentations to our Toastmasters Group. He is clear, concise, and to the point. Luay has a speaking style that is powerful and instructive but he doesn’t seem to be lecturing you. When Luay speaks, you are guaranteed to learn some valuable lessons from him. I have listened to and evaluated many speakers throughout my legal, military, and financial professional careers and Luay is one of the best."

Joseph T. Barron, Jr.
Regional Vice President Primerica Financial Services

"“ What a wonderful breath of fresh air you are Luay! I thoroughly enjoyed your motivational presentation at the TEHA Christmas party. I am still telling people about it! You have a gift that allows you to reach people on a variety of levels. Keep using your gift... it is pure enrichment and you must keep sharing it!"

Kelly Kirkpatrick
Founder of Food Safety Chick

"Mr. Rahil engaged our members from the very beginning by offering a connection to their professions, while using humor and passion to keep them interested. He was enlightening and energetic! Extremely well received by our members! I highly recommend him."

Melissa Govea
Past President, Code Enforcement Association of Texas

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