No One is One Funnel Away

marketing Sep 22, 2020

No One is One Funnel Away

Marketing is the act of telling stories about your products.

Selling is a part of your marketing strategy, but it can not be the only part.

To be a successful marketer, you have to get personal and perform two essential functions:

1. Solve your ideal client's main problem

2. Get your customers to say “yes”

Humans are conditioned to say “no” because “yes” means commitment, and people do not like to commit unless if they have to. Your job is to walk them through your process and assure them that their commitment means one thing: “Once you commit, your problem becomes ours, and we have the solution.”

1- Solve your customer biggest problem

Instead of getting creative in inventing new funnels, or new marketing techniques, focus on creating the simplest solution to the most difficult problem your customers are facing. Simplify your offer. You should be able to tell me what you are selling in less than 2 minutes. Make it easy for your customers to say “Yes”.

2- Master your message

Getting your customers to say “yes” is about your ability to create solutions and not funnels. I know there are a lot of companies out there trying to convince you that you need more funnels to create more sales. I’m saying that you focus on mastering your message, refining your offers, and connecting with your ideal clients.

3- Traffic

If you can not drive traffic to your offer, no funnel can help you with that. You need to understand how to drive your ideal clients to your offer or nothing else matter. Start building an audience, and gain their trust by offering a lot of value. Your audience has to know, like, trust you, but they also have to be able to and ready to buy.


Once you simplify your irresistible offer, master your message, and learn how to drive traffic, you can use funnels to scale your business.

Funnels are tools and not solutions.

Focus on creating the right offer before you hype it.

Can you explain your products in simple words?

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