Is Intuition More Important Than Empathy?

advice mindset Feb 25, 2019
Intuition and empathy 
Some experts argue that both traits are required to build a strong marriage. I’m not sure I place intuition on the same playing field with empathy. 
Let’s dissect my statement. 
I walk into my house, I see that our house is messy and my wife on the phone. My intuition tells me that my wife did nothing but talked to her friends all day. I get mad and the rest is $49 worth of flowers on the kitchen table. 
Yes, my intuition was wrong. 
 Now replace my intuition by empathy. As soon as I walked into the house I knew something was very wrong, I approached my wife and waited for her to finish her phone call and said: “how was your day?” I sat there and listened and listened. The rest is home cooked dinner by the best chef I know. 
Now, tell me which one do you prefer intuition or empathy? 
Both are critical, but I like you to choose one?