8 Steps to Start Your Own Business

marketing Sep 23, 2020

Investing your time and money writing a detailed business plan is a waste of time. A business plan is a guess at best. There is nothing wrong with dreaming and guessing what is going to happen 5 years from today, just do not build your business on shaky grounds, on a predication.

Banks ask for business plans because they like to have the illusion of safety and the illusion of certainty. Instead of starting with writing a business plan, keep it simple, answer this question, “Who do I want to serve, and what one big problem do I want to solve for them?” Customers do not care about your WHY or your goals, they care about their own goals, and their lives first. Do not spend money on legal fees until you know that your services are desired by your ideal clients.

You need to understand that your first job is to serve your customers and to market your products. It does not matter what you do, you are a marketer first. If you are uncomfortable marketing your business, get out of business, or get out of your office and find someone who can market your business.

I got approached by many people with brilliant ideas, but they do not know how to promote their ideas. Most of these ideas fail because of horrible marketing campaigns.

Not every great idea can be a great business. This is so hard for so many to understand and accept. That is the reason, I start by following these 8 steps.

Do not write a business plan, follow these 8 steps.

  1. Identify one problem that a market segment is struggling with.
  2. Create a proven method to solve the problem.
  3. Craft a clear message to market your services/products.
  4. Determine where you are going to market, and how.
  5. Connect with your prospects and close the sale.
  6. Deliver on your big promise, and exceed customers’ expectations.
  7. Follow up with your customers.
  8. Ask for referrals.

Let me give you an example on how to use these 8 steps.


  1. Service: Carpet cleaning.
  2. Solution: New chemical that removes stains.
  3. Message: Come home to a clean house.
  4. Medium: Facebook ads, and partner with daycares, they get free cleaning, and we send a flyer home with each child.
  5. Connect: get on the phone and make your big promise again, and close the sale.
  6. Service delivery: show up on time and perform the task.
  7. Follow-up: sent a thank you note.
  8. Ask for referrals: build this into your service. Build your incentive program around referrals. Refer 3 people, get one free service. Refer 10 get 4 free services.

Not every great idea can be a great business, test, pivot, and evolve often. Do not marry your strategy, date your strategy. If it does not work, change it, pivot, and keep evolving.

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